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Dr. Turhan Hilmi Demiray


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Combined energy hub optimisation and demand side management for buildings.
Marko Batić, Nikola Tomašević, Giovanni Beccuti, Turhan Demiray, and Sanja Vraneš
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Energy hub modelling and optimisation: An analytical case-study.
Giovanni Beccuti, Turhan Demiray, Marko Batic, Nikola Tomasevic, and Sanja Vranes
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Large-scale PV integration strategies in distribution grids.
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Stabilization of Large Power Systems Using VSC–HVDC and Model Predictive Control.
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Risk assessment of the impact of geomagnetic disturbances on the transmission grid in Switzerland.
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A Lagrangian Decomposition Algorithm for Optimal Emergency Voltage Control.
Andrea Giovanni Beccuti, Turhan H. Demiray, Göran Andersson, and Manfred Morari
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Optimization of numerical integration methods for the simulation of dynamic phasor models in power systems.
Turhan Demiray, and Göran Andersson
International journal of electrical power & energy systems, (2009) Kidlington: Elsevier Science.
Evaluation Study for the Simulation of Power System Transients using Dynamic Phasor Models.
T. Demiray, G. Andersson, and L. Busarello
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Simulation of Power System Dynamics using Dynamic Phasor Models.
Turhan Demiray
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2008)
Comparative Assessment of Prediction Models in Voltage Control.
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