Prioritization of technologies for buildings in the project “Energy Initiative Switzerland”

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Different house types have different load curves for their heat and electricity demand. Generally, energy demand per house/building can either be covered by energy purchased from the grid or by on-site generation using different technologies (e.g. PV, solar thermal, electrical heat pumps, gas heat pumps, combined heat and power plants, natural gas heating, district heating, with or without storage, etc.). The aim of the project is to calculate investment and operational costs for heat generation per house/building per year. The results of the prioritization of technology variants are summarized per house type by comparing the costs of heat generation.


Based on the Energy-Hub approach, different supply options have been modeled and analyzed for different house types with different annual load curves, (single-family house 22‘000 - 44‘000 kWh, apartment building 220‘000 - 660‘000 kWh).



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