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Science responds to industry

At the symposium “The Global Energy Challenge – A Corporate View”, representatives of international companies will present their energy strategies and visions for the future, while researchers from ETH Zurich evaluate the strategies from a scientific point of view. Christian Schaffner, Executive Director of ETH Zurich’s Energy Science Center and organiser of the symposium, explains this novel format. Read more 


Liquid fuel for future computers

In the future, a new type of tiny redox flow battery will supply tightly packed electronic components with energy, while also dissipating the heat they produce. Read more 


Why energy forecasts often fail

Players in the energy industry and the policy domain often depend on forecasts. A closer look reveals that these predictions sometimes fall wide of the mark. Underestimating innovation dynamics is one reason why. Read more 

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Energy Science Center News


Unlocking the Geothermal Energy Hidden Inside the Earth: Seismic Properties as a Function of Reservoir Conditions

In contrast to other renewable energy resources, geothermal reservoirs are hidden at several kilometers depth beneath our feet. During the past decades, seismic exploration methods have been established as a common non-invasive tool to observe the Earth’s interior. To enable the investigation of geothermal reservoirs with seismic techniques, we have established how seismic parameters are linked with the hydraulic permeability of the rocks and the energetic state of the saturating fluids. Read more 


"Dolmetscher der Wissenschaften" Energie 360° im Interview mit Christian Schaffner

Die Energiezukunft ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt, findet Dr. Christian Schaffner. Er leitet das Energy Science Center an der ETH Zürich und bietet hier der interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit eine Plattform. Ein Interview über Potenziale, Innovationen und Sprachverwirrung. Read more 


A talk on "The Energy System of the Future: A system of systems", Singapore-ETH Center

Energy supply systems become more and more complex: Moving from a traditional top-down organised system, decentralised elements start to get an active role. However today, these elements are often viewed, designed and operated as independent systems. Examples are building controls (smart buildings), e-mobility (smart mobility) and the internet of things (IoT).   Read more 


Evaluating Reserves Performance for Aiding Renewable Electricity Integration

The goal of this work is to compare the costs and performance metrics of various reserve dimensioning methods and develop suggestions for optimal new methods that also account for integration of renewables. Read more 


Call for Papers - D-A-CH+ Energieinformatik 2017

The D-A-CH+ Conference on Energy Informatics is seeking high-quality, original papers on smart energy systems and energy-efficient computing and communication. Submissions describing theoretical contributions as well as system design, implementation, and experimentation are welcome. Submission deadline is May 8, 2017. Read more 

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