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Interactions between gas networks and the electrical power grid in Switzerland


Today's energy networks are typically operated independently, without explicitly accounting for the interaction and potential synergies between the different energy forms.

The future economical, technical and environmental objectives of the Swiss energy portfolio as specified in the Energiestrategie 2050 require a unified planning and operation of the multiple energy forms, in particular regarding the gas network and the electrical power grid.


The goal of this project is an integrated analysis of the gas network and the electrical power grid in Switzerland. In a first step, a basic model of the gas network is developed and implemented. A focus is to identify the typical time constants and relevant network constraints. In a second step the model is combined with an existing model of the Swiss electrical power grid using the energy hub modeling framework.
The study will analyze the joint potential of gas turbines, storage units and power-to-gas technologies for the optimal fulfilment of the Swiss energy demand.

The project is a collaboration between FEN and the Power Systems Laboratory ( Students should be familiar with (or be willing to learn) Matlab scripting and the mathematical modeling of dynamical systems.
Knowledge of optimization and energy systems would be helpful.


Dr. Alexander Fuchs
Dr. Turhan Demiray  

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